Together with Prof. Dr Wolfgang Mühlbauer  - one of the most distinguished plastic surgeons far beyond the borders of Germany - Prof. Dr Charlotte Holm Mühlbauer opened the centre of excellence for plastic and aesthetic surgery at the ATOS Clinic in Munich in 2009. She took over the management of the practice in 2018. The safety and best possible medical care of patients is and has always been the top priority. For this reason, the two specialists decided in favour of the ATOS Klinik München. The ATOS Clinic Munich has a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in various specialities. We offer you the highest level of safety, the best medical care and competent support around the clock.

Together with Prof. Dr Wolfgang Mühlbauer, Prof. Dr Charlotte Holm Mühlbauer has developed recognised surgical and treatment methods in areas such as fat-preserving blepharoplasty, functional rhinoplasty and endoscopic facelifting and has contributed to numerous textbooks and instructional videos on aesthetic surgery.


Arzthelferin Sabine Fischer

Sabine Fischer

Our medical assistant Sabine Fischer is the centrepiece of our practice. She is not only known for her professional expertise, but also for her exceptional ability to deal with patients. She knows how to alleviate anxiety, patiently answer questions and create an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable and understood.

From the first consultation to aftercare, she is there to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable experience. Her caring nature makes all the difference - she makes you feel not just a patient, but part of our practice family.
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Monday and Wednesday 09.00 - 17.00
Tuesday and Thursday 09.00 - 18.00
Friday 08.00 - 13.00

ATOS Clinic Munich
Effnerstrasse 38 81925 Munich

We attach great importance to the safety and comfort of our patients during our plastic surgery procedures. A key aspect of this is anaesthesia. Our experienced anaesthetists led by Head of Anaesthesia Dr Peter Sander ensure that you are pain-free and relaxed during the operation. Each anaesthetic or twilight sleep is individually adapted to your needs.

The theatre nurses at ATOS Private Hospital Munich are the heart of the surgical team and make a decisive contribution to the smooth running of operations. They are highly qualified and have years of expertise in complex surgical procedures. As a top clinic for orthopaedic surgery, the ATOS Clinic Munich places great value on hygiene, precision and sterility. This is the only way to achieve the best possible results.


The clinic

Safety and the best possible medical care for patients are the top priority at the private ATOS Klinik. Experienced doctors from 15 specialist practices are at your disposal, offering comprehensive and interdisciplinary services on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. For you, this means maximum safety during your procedure and - in the event of an inpatient stay - competent care around the clock. Even if you are having an aesthetic procedure, we apply exactly the same standards as in any other area of medicine. For this reason, we practise in a large private clinic with an extensive infrastructure.

At ATOS Private Clinic Munich, we guarantee you complete medical care and medical and anaesthesiological support around the clock, 365 days a year.

Medical safety and comfort for demanding patients

If you decide to have an operation at our clinic, we want you to feel comfortable with us: ideally not like a patient, but like a guest in a hotel. Whenever you need us, we will take time to listen to your wishes and needs. In the event of an inpatient stay, friendly and comfortable rooms with a total of 40 beds are available to you on two wards.









Our practice is located on the 3rd floor of the Atos Private Clinic, in the centre of Munich's Bogenhausen district. We are  easy to reach by public transport as well as by private car.

The clinic has an underground car park where you can park your car, subject to availability. There are also free car parks around the clinic.

ATOS Clinic Munich
Effnerstrasse 38 81925 Munich

Tel: +49 89 / 20 4000 0



Patient information in Munich with Prof Charlotte Holm Mühlbauer, MD, at the Atos Clinic




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