Prof. Dr Charlotte Holm Mühlbauer is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and a specialist in specialised plastic surgical intensive care medicine.

Together with Prof. Dr Wolfgang Mühlbauer  - one of the most distinguished plastic surgeons far beyond the borders of Germany - she opened the Competence Centre for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the ATOS Clinic Munich in 2009; she took over the management in 2018.
Born in Denmark, she came to specialise in plastic surgery in 1996 from Copenhagen University Hospital to the Department of Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery and Centre for Burn Injuries at Munich Bogenhausen Hospital (Head Physician Prof. Mühlbauer). In 2003, she took over the independent management of the Breast and Aesthetic Surgery Section.

In 2004, she qualified as a professor at the medical faculty of the Technical University of Munich, where she became an adjunct professor of plastic and aesthetic surgery in 2010. Together with Prof. Dr Wolfgang Mühlbauer, she has developed recognised surgical and treatment methods in the field of fat-preserving blepharoplasty, functional rhinoplasty and endoscopic facelifting and has contributed to numerous textbooks and instructional videos on aesthetic surgery.


Medical studies
Köbenhavns University, Denmark

State examination
June 1992

License to practice medicine
April 1994

Doctoral thesis topic:
"Acute renal failure in severely burned patients" Rigorosum: Medical Faculty of the Technical University of Munich, March 24, 1999 Grade: Very good.

May 5, 2004 at the Medical Faculty of the Technical University of Munich Topic: "Effects of invasive monitoring on burn shock resuscitation".

Venia Legendi
31.08.2004: Awarded the teaching license for plastic surgery by the Technical University of Munich

2010 at the Medical Faculty of the Technical University of Munich


Specialist in Plastic Surgery

Full membership of the German national Society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons (DGPRÄC)

Specialist in Special Burn Care Intensive Medicine


  • Deutsche Gesellschaft der Plastischen, Rekonstruktiven und Ästhetischen Chirurgen (DGPRÄC)
  • European Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ESPRAS)
  • International Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS)
  • Interplast Germany
  • European Association of Plastic Surgeons (EURAPS)

Surgical training

August 1992 – January 1993
(Internship) Dept. of Orthopedic and trauma surgery
Glostrup Hospital,Copenhagen Dänemark

April 1993 – September 93
(Internship) Dept. of Gastroenterology
Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen Dänemark

Oktober 93 – April 94
General practitioner, Copenhagen Dänemark

June 94 – Sept. 95
(Residency general surgery)
Dept. of General surgery Hvidovre Hospital,
Copenhagen, Denmark

September 95 – April 96
(Residency general surgery)
Dept. of Orthopedic and trauma surgery
Herlev Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark

April 96 – September 96
(Residency general surgery)
Dept. of General and pediatric surgery,
Sundby Hospital, Copenhagen Denmark

September 96 – Juli 2002
(Residency plastic surgery)
Dept. of Plastic, Reconstructive, Hand and Burn Surgery
(Prof. Dr. W. Mühlbauer)
Städtisches Klinikum München GmbH
Academic Teaching Hospital, Technical University Munich

Juli 2002 – November 2009
Dept. of Plastic, Reconstructive,
Hand and Burn Surgery
(Prof. Dr. M. Ninkovic) Städtisches Klinikum München GmbH
Academic Teaching Hospital, Technical University Munich

November 2009
ATOS Private Clinic München,
Dept. of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

In the best hands with Prof. Holm Mühlbauer:
Qualifications, awards,
Development of recognised surgical methods



What do you find so appealing about your job?

My motivation to practice plastic surgery lies in my strong interest in aesthetics and my desire to help people feel good about their bodies. I have always had an eye for detail and a strong sense of empathy, and I can use these skills in plastic surgery to help my patients.

The attitude towards aesthetic interventions is ambivalent. Why is there a critical attitude despite the potential benefits of these interventions?

That is an excellent question. The ambivalent attitude towards cosmetic surgery can be attributed to various factors. On the one hand, the media is often full of negative examples of over-operated people, which can fuel fears and reservations. On the other hand, beauty is often associated with natural gifts and good genes, even when cosmetic surgery is actually involved.

Prof. Dr Charlotte Holm Mühlbauer is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Munich

Why are aesthetic procedures a good way to feel happier and more satisfied? Could you explain this in more detail?

Of course, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. And yet for many people, optimising their appearance is playing an increasingly important role. People want to harmonise the outside with the inside, and the improved techniques in aesthetic plastic surgery make this possible. In fact, there are numerous studies that indicate that attractive people tend to be favoured in professional and social life. Some professions may even offer higher salaries for attractive employees. In addition, American researchers have shown that the feeling of happiness after successful cosmetic surgery lasts longer than after other pleasures in life, such as winning the lottery. This suggests that cosmetic surgery can have a lasting positive effect on well-being.

What should people consider when contemplating a cosmetic procedure?

As responsible surgeons, we must never ignore the question of whether everything that is possible is also sensible! The treatment options in aesthetic plastic surgery have improved enormously in recent years. However, changing ideals of beauty and the increased influence of social media mean that more and more people are approaching aesthetic plastic surgeons with exaggerated wishes. The desire for a cosmetic procedure should always be accompanied by critical information and honest, professional advice. Unrealistic ideas and wishes should be rejected, realistic wishes should be professionally realised and supported.

It is extremely important to have realistic expectations and to be well informed. Detailed pre-operative counselling and honest information are essential. Careful consideration must be given to what is feasible and what risks exist. If expectations cannot be met or the desired change is unrealistic, the procedure should be avoided.

And what about the potential risks of the procedures? What are you doing to ensure patient safety?

The scope of cosmetic surgery is easily underestimated. It is always an intervention in the body, the success of which depends on many factors. In addition to the skill and experience of the surgeon, the infrastructure also plays a major role. The difference in quality between a surgical procedure in a practice and in a modern, well-equipped clinic is enormous. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked by patients. Although these are aesthetic procedures, the same medical standards apply as in any other field of medicine. That's why I decided to have my practice at the ATOS Private Clinic Munich with its corresponding infrastructure; here, complete medical care and round-the-clock medical supervision are always guaranteed. For me, ATOS Private Clinic Munich means medical care at the highest level; here, not only surgical expertise but also patient safety is always the top priority.

It is said that women are often favoured in plastic surgery today because they are better able to empathise with the problems of the female body. Can you confirm this?

Yes, that's an interesting observation. As a woman, I can actually often better understand the aesthetic and emotional needs of my female patients. I think it's about the fact that women generally share similar experiences and concerns when it comes to their appearance and self-confidence. This creates a certain connection and trust between me and my female patients.

Studies show that women in the medical profession also display different behaviour towards their patients. How would you describe your own behaviour?

My behaviour towards my patients is characterised by direct contact, empathy and patience. I take the time to understand my patients' individual wishes and concerns and work closely with them to achieve the best possible results. I believe this approach is crucial as plastic aesthetic surgery is often a personal decision and patients have high expectations.

What should patients consider when choosing a doctor?

Nowadays, social media plays an increasingly important role when choosing a doctor. The number of followers on Instagram or TikTok is often more decisive in the choice of doctor than the specialist and academic qualifications of the surgeon providing treatment. Retouched, digitally altered before and after photos suggest that the desire to optimise your appearance can be achieved quickly and easily.
The most important message is: enquire about the qualifications of the doctor treating you: pay attention to the specialist title and the experience and expertise of the doctor in question. Ask for detailed information and ask how often the doctor performs such procedures. Ask about the infrastructure of the clinic or practice, how are you looked after in the event of an emergency? If awards or certificates are presented, only those that have been tested and awarded by the medical associations promise absolute reliability.

What the patients say ...

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