breast correction for men

If a man's mammary gland enlarges to such an extent that it looks like a female breast, this is known as gynaecomastia. As a rule, both breasts are affected, more rarely just one side. Physical complaints such as pain or hypersensitivity of the nipple are rare. In most cases, the psychological stress caused by the feminised appearance of the breasts takes centre stage. Wearing loose clothing, changing posture, avoiding appearing in public with a bare upper body (e.g. swimming pool visits etc.) - these are all typical behavioural changes to conceal male breasts. Sporting activities are also often avoided. A breast correction can help here and improve your quality of life. In some cases, health insurance companies will cover or contribute to the treatment costs, provided an application has been submitted and approved in writing beforehand.

As an award-winning specialist with many years of experience in the field of breast surgery, I will be happy to advise you, carry out the procedure according to the latest scientific findings and ensure a natural and beautiful result;

Gynaecomastia - Prof. Dr Charlotte Holm Mühlbauer is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

Fast Facts

Operation time:60 - 90 min.
Anesthesia:general anesthesia
Length of stay:outpatient or 1 night in the clinic (Munich)
Sociability:after a few days
Hospitalization:after a few days
Sport:after 2-3 weeks
Pain:hardly any

Development of gynaecomastia

Reasons for the development of male breasts can be hormonal fluctuations or hypersensitivity of the glandular tissue during puberty. In old age, many men tend to develop gynaecomastia due to the higher oestrogen content. In most cases, this is a "pseudogynaecomastia", a pure accumulation of fat without enlargement of the mammary gland, which can be easily removed by liposuction.

The procedure is performed in Munich at the ATOS Clinic, where my practice is also located.

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Breast correction - an option for me?

In principle, surgery on male breasts makes sense if the quality of life is significantly restricted by psychological suffering or physical limitations or discomfort. In the course of puberty, gynaecomastia often disappears on its own, so that the indication for surgery should be made with caution. In severe cases, gynaecomastia surgery can also be performed during puberty after individual consultation.

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