Breast reduction

Oversized, sagging breasts can not only severely affect a woman's body image; in many cases they also lead to painful changes:  for example, tension between the shoulder blades and on the neck, postural problems, skin irritation under the breast and armpit as well as incisive bra straps on the shoulders. At the ATOS Private Clinic in Munich, we therefore often recommend plastic surgery breast reduction with reshaping to affected patients not only for aesthetic but also for medical reasons. From a resection weight of approx. 500 g, health insurance companies usually cover or contribute to the treatment costs, provided an application has been submitted and approved in writing beforehand.

As an award-winning specialist with many years of experience in the field of breast surgery, I will be happy to advise you, carry out the procedure according to the latest scientific findings and ensure a natural and beautiful result.

Breast reduction - Prof. Dr Charlotte Holm Mühlbauer is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery

Fast Facts

Operation time:120 - 140 minutes
Anesthesia:General anesthesia
Length of stay:1 day in the clinic in Munich
Sociability:after a few days
Hospitalization:after approx. 1 week
Sport:after 6 weeks
Aftercare tips:→ PDF for download

With a breast reduction to
well-shaped and youthful breasts

Today, we can usually perform breast reduction surgery and areola repositioning with minimal scarring; the ability to breastfeed is usually retained. We adapt the breast size and shape to the patient's wishes and body measurements. In principle, the operation can be performed at any age. Important prerequisite: Your body growth is complete and your breasts are fully developed. For a smaller, lighter and firmer breast, we remove excess skin and breast tissue in the lower breast area. We use the remaining tissue to shape the new breast.

To optimise the results of a breast reduction, it may also be necessary to remove excess fatty tissue. If you are generally overweight, we recommend losing weight before the operation at our clinic in Munich. Major weight loss after the operation can affect the result.

Breast reduction surgery is performed in Munich at the ATOS Clinic, where my practice is also located.

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Breast reduction - an option for me?

Before you decide to have a breast reduction, we will advise you in detail. Together we will clarify what results you can expect given your physical condition. You are welcome to show us photos of the changes you hope to see as a result of the operation. The sole aim of the procedure is to make you feel more comfortable afterwards. A breast reduction will give you smaller and more youthful breasts that will change your body proportions for the better.

We are here for you!

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Patient information in Munich with Prof Charlotte Holm Mühlbauer, MD, at the Atos Clinic




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