Breast augmentation

In our society, a beautiful, well-formed breast is equated with feminine charisma. On the other hand, congenital underdevelopment of one or both breasts or pronounced involution after pregnancy and breastfeeding can severely affect a woman's self-esteem. Breast augmentation is the most frequently performed cosmetic breast surgery. It can bring a woman closer to her own ideal of beauty and boost her physical self-confidence enormously.

The most common reasons for breast augmentation surgery are underdeveloped breasts, breasts that feel too small, asymmetrical breasts or sagging breasts due to weight loss, increasing age or pregnancy. If necessary, we complement the procedure with a breast lift and/or areola correction at our clinic in Munich.

As an award-winning specialist with many years of experience in the field of breast augmentation, I will be happy to advise you, carry out the procedure according to the latest scientific findings and ensure a natural and beautiful result;

Breast augmentation in Munich with Prof Dr Charlotte Holm Mühlbauer at the Atos Clinic

Fast Facts

Operation time:45 - 90 minutes
Anesthesia:General anesthesia or local anesthesia with twilight sleep
Length of stay:Outpatient or 1 night in the clinic in Munich
Sociability:after approx. 5-7 days
Hospitalization:after 1 week
Sport:after 6 weeks
Pain:the first days after the operation
Aftercare tips:→ PDF for download

Achieving your dream breast with breast augmentation: implant or autologous fat?

Hardly any other operation triggers a comparable feeling of happiness, because breast surgery can realise the dream of breast shape and size. Breast augmentation begins with many questions and decisions that need to be made: Silicone or own fat? How large should the implants be and what shape and projection should they have? Should they be in front of or behind the muscle? Does the skin also need to be tightened? And where should the scars be placed so that they are as invisible as possible?

Breast augmentation with implant

Breast augmentation with implants can fulfil your dream of a more voluptuous décolleté. The size and shape of your future breasts depend on the choice of breast implants. Round and teardrop-shaped implants are available.

With the Vectra xt 3D camera system, we can show our patients the results of a breast augmentation even before the procedure.
In order to find the perfect implant for my patient, I use the latest Vectra computer simulation. The individual anatomy of each patient is precisely recorded and all important variables are taken into account when selecting the perfect implant.

Breast augmentation with autologous fat

Are you hesitant to use silicone implants? Then breast augmentation with your own body fat could be a suitable option to gently achieve a slightly enlarged and natural breast shape. In this procedure, we use fat cells from your own body to gently enlarge your breasts. I use the innovative Body Jet WAL (Water Assisted Liposuction) for liposuction. The advantage: as the fat cells are less traumatised by the gentle water jet, their vitality is largely preserved, making it ideal for procedures such as breast augmentation or facial fillers.

Breast augmentation with autologous fat is ideal for patients who prefer a natural method of breast augmentation without foreign bodies. The prerequisite: sufficient fat reserves must be available in order to be able to perform breast augmentation with autologous fat. With autologous fat transplantation, we can add half to a whole cup size.

In order to clarify all questions, a detailed consultation before a breast augmentation with us in Munich is an absolute must, because no two breasts are the same. You are also welcome to take the opportunity to watch our video (see below) to find out more about the procedure. Breast augmentation is performed at the  ATOS Clinic in Munich.

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Would you like more details on breast augmentation?

Is breast augmentation an option for me?

Would you like more volume for your breasts? Are you unhappy with the natural shape and size of your breasts? Do you find it difficult to identify with your own body?

You share this feeling of inadequacy with millions of women. It is not for nothing that breast augmentation is the most common aesthetic procedure worldwide. Every breast operation is a completely individualised procedure that needs to be planned precisely with you. A professionally performed breast augmentation can increase your sense of femininity and self-confidence and help you to feel comfortable in your own body again.

We are here for you!

What the patients say ...

Patient information in Munich with Prof Charlotte Holm Mühlbauer, MD, at the Atos Clinic




Breast surgery in Munich with Prof Dr Charlotte Holm Mühlbauer at the Atos Clinic


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