If our facial skin becomes increasingly wrinkled over time, this is a sign of a natural loss of volume, i.e. of elastic fibres, subcutaneous fatty tissue, connective tissue and facial muscles.

Autologous fat injection is one of the most modern methods in aesthetic surgery today and represents an indispensable addition to our surgical spectrum.

In this treatment, living, autologous fat cells (usually from the thighs, buttocks or abdomen) are removed with a fine cannula, processed and then injected into another sunken or wrinkled area. For liposuction, we have recently started using the Body Jet EVO - an advanced technology that has been specially developed for liposuction procedures. This innovative method utilises the power of the water jet to gently and efficiently loosen and suction away fat cells. The advantage: as the fat cells are less traumatised by the gentle water jet, their vitality is largely preserved, making them ideal for facial fillers. We can use the processed fat cells to naturally plump up sunken cheeks, eyelids, lips or wrinkles around the mouth.

As an award-winning specialist with many years of experience in the field of facial surgery, I will be happy to advise you  carry out the procedure according to the latest scientific standards and  ensure a natural and beautiful result 

Eigenfett-Behandlung – Prof. Dr. med. Charlotte Holm Mühlbauer ist Fachärztin für plastische und ästhetische Chirurgie

Fast Facts

Operation time:approx. 30 - 90 min.
AnesthesiaLocal anaesthesia with twilight sleep
Length of stay:outpatient (Munich)
Sociability:after approx. 2-3 weeks
Hospitalization:after approx. 2-3 days
Sport:after approx. 2-3 weeks

Permanent, natural, low-risk - autologous fat treatment with us in Munich

The autologous fat plumps up the subcutaneous fatty tissue and replaces the lost volume under the skin. The skin appears plump and youthful. The structure of the skin surface can also be rejuvenated by the stem cells contained in the fat.

We are one of the pioneers of autologous fat transplantation in Germany and now have many years of experience, which has led to the perfection of the technique over time.

An autologous fat injection has a number of decisive advantages:

  • It is well tolerated as it is the body's own material; foreign body reactions are ruled out.
  • The body does not break down the fatty tissue once it has grown in. The result is permanent once the fat cells have grown.
  • Sufficient quantities are available.

Autologous fat treatments can be perfectly combined with other procedures; we often perform them together with a facelift, for example.

The autologous fat treatment is carried out at the ATOS Clinic in the heart of Munich, where I also have my practice.

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Autologous fat transplantation - an option for me?

Deep nasolabial folds, pronounced wrinkles around the mouth or loss of volume in the cheeks often make a face look tired and older than it actually is. We counteract this with autologous fat injections, which are particularly suitable for deep nasolabial folds and pronounced wrinkles on the cheeks and around the mouth.

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